True Love


The holidays, from December through February, can be a wonderful or painful reminder that everyone needs someone to love. I could not have imagined getting through my long single years without the unconditional love of my cats. They’ve spent more time with me than any human.

This holiday season I’m privileged to have someone I believe might be a soul mate celebrating with me. So Erika Sorocco’s “Romancing the Cat” is helping the new love in my life win the affections of the “old” loves of my life. My outgoing cat Maddie and equally outgoing boyfriend Mark hit it off from the beginning as though they were longtime best friends. My shy, territorial Sophie, on the other hand, does well to appear in the same room as Mark while he’s at my house. If she’s comfortable enough to be in the same room as Mark, we consider that progress, but as Erika suggests, we’re taking it slow and letting Sophie make the first moves.

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