Trouble In Paradise

When you know what to expect from your ferret and how to handle "misbehavior," it brings harmony to both your lives.

ferret peeking out from boxFerrets are great pets and can bring a lot of joy to the people who share their lives with them. Like all pets, ferrets have their quirks and can cause challenges in some households. Here are the five main complaints and some resolutions to help cope with them. 

Litter Box Training
Problem 1: Not using the litter box. Ferrets are latrine animals, which means that they usually return to the same spot to eliminate. Unfortunately the spot they pick is not always the spot that you want them to use. This is often caused by the ferret not being introduced to a litter box at a young age.

To litter train, set your ferret in the box repeatedly until it goes. The best times to do this are shortly after it awakens or after it has eaten. Praise your pet, and even offer it a treat to reinforce this behavior. You have to be persistent and consistent to get the best results.

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