Tropical Fish Word of the Day: Live rock

Expand your tropical fish vocabulary with the Tropical Fish Word of the Day.

Live rock: (n.) Live rock is used as a form of biological filtration in saltwater aquariums because it has a lot of surface area for beneficial bacteria to live on, and algae on its surface uses excess nutrients in the water. It also helps to maintain a stable pH (because it is a calcareous), provides shelter for the animals and plays a part of a reef aquarium’s aquascaping. Live rock, because it is harvested from the wild or cultured, brings in algae, bacteria and other animals that improve water quality. New live rock that is not “cured” need is not yet suitable for an aquarium because some of the organisms that were on it died during the stress of collection. Curing the rock allows any dead organisms to decompose without fouling the aquarium’s water quality.

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