Trimming Sugar Glider Nails

Use these tips to trim a sugar glider’s nails.

Sugar gliders naturally have sharp nails to help them climb. Long nails can cause pain and skin irritation when you handle your sugar glider. Branches in your sugar glider’s cage can help keep its nails trim but aren’t enough to keep the nails short.

Sugar gliders nails grow fast and may need to be trimmed every one to two weeks, or as needed.

Trimming your sugar glider’s nails is usually a two-person job. Trim the nails during the day because this is when sugar gliders tend to be more calm. Wrap the sugar glider in a pouch or small towel. Wait until the sugar glider stops struggling, then carefully pull out one foot at a time to trim. Using a nail clipper designed for cats or baby humans, trim off only the pointy tips of the nail, avoiding the pink part (the quick), which contains the nerve and blood vessels.

If you accidentally nip the quick of the nail and it begins to bleed, apply a small amount of cornstarch or styptic powder to help stop it. 

If you aren’t comfortable trimming a sugar glider’s nails yourself, take your small pet to an exotics veterinarian for help.

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