Trek It Out!

I seem to be buying all the products that have marketing coops with the new Star Trek movie. First, my cereal box with the cool Star Trek flashlight “badge,” now it’s a Cheez-It box with a “Trek Yourself Out” web link. You log on to and then you can pick a Star Trek character, upload a portrait photo and poof!, you morph into that character. The creepy part is that your newly created character moves its head to follow the mouse curser and you can have it say signature sound bytes like “Beam me up” and “You are illogical.”

Of course, I had to experiment using some bird portraits: Meet Ollie, the Vulcan nanday conure. The image is a bit startling, especially when the animated head moves and talks. I also tried uploading a stock photo of a sun conure, which was a surprisingly good match as Captain Kirk.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Trek Yourself Out 1

 Trek Yourself Out 2

Check out the website here.

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