Treats Have Their Attention

I've got to ration the treats around this testing panel of cats.

The new supply of treats for This Cat, That Cat and Other Cat are being rationed to ensure all three cats don’t overindulge and also to make the stocks last longer.

But That Cat knows exactly in which kitchen drawer they are kept and every time I venture past the kitchen, he runs underfoot and sits in front of the drawer looking hopeful.

He also knows I am a sucker for his soulful look and expectant meow. Consequently, Gail has instructed me to ignore him. So he’s taken to pawing the drawer in an attempt to open it and help himself. Naturally, This Cat and Other Cat come running in hopes that he will share the spoils with them.

Treats are a nighttime indulgence in this household and literally when the grandfather clock strikes 10, all three felines start lining up outside the kitchen door! That Cat always chomps his quickly and tries to get extras by pinching from the others. So it turns into quite a circus.

They are still enjoying the seafood medley. I am not sure what they will be getting to try next. It’s a toss-up between savory salmon and tantalizing turkey.

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