Treats For Ferrets

What treat can reward a ferret that doesn’t like ferret treats?

Q: My ferret doesn’t like ferret treats. What can I use to reward her when she does something good? Here in Spain, I have been told that boiled pasta is also good. I have not tried it yet. She also sneezes a lot.

A: Ferrets imprint on food when they are very young, and it can be a challenge to encourage them to eat a new food or treat. Initially, try something that is a lot like her regular food. If you feed a ferret kibble, try giving her a piece of that food for a treat or another brand. Once she is interested in taking familiar food from you, try and mix it up a little. I recommend staying away from anything like vegetables, fruits, grains or other non-meat food items. Once she is happily taking kibble as a treat, try real meat treats like chicken jerky or even a little cooked chicken.

As far as the sneezing, ferrets have a tendency to sneeze, and there could be a number of reasons for this. One could be that the litter is not dust-free. Too much dust from litter can lead to respiratory issues. If you are concerned about the sneezing, have her checked out by your veterinarian.

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