Treat Cat Fleas and More

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, answers the question of how to fight cat fleas.

Q: What can I do about cat fleas?

A: Flea season is in full swing and we do not want our cats to suffer. The good news is indoor cats usually do not have flea problems. Cats that go outside (which I do not recommend for many reasons) usually do. Cat fleas are much more prevalent in the warmer weather and their eggs could be brought inside to lay in your carpeting, upholstery, cat bedding and other places in the home. Signs of cat fleas can be cats’ constant scratching, biting and skin irritation, which can lead to infections. If you haven’t started treatments yet, do not worry, it’s never too late to help your cat get rid of fleas!

Many years ago when I was involved with cat rescue I used to see poor cats with severe flea infestations. By licking and ingesting the flea eggs, many also had tapeworms, which take the nutrients out of their bodies — that’s one reason why so many stray cats can be so skinny. Fortunately, cat tapeworms are very easily treated by a vet.

A very effective topical treatment exists for your cat’s fleas. You place it on the skin between a cat’s shoulder blades. Some of these treatments can also prevent cat heartworm, cat ticks, cat roundworm and cat tapeworm so you get more protection. I also know people who have had great success with preventing fleas by giving their cats a daily dose of brewer’s yeast or garlic tablets, which can be found in pet stores. It also helps with their coat. One thing to remember — always use vet-recommended products and please follow the directions carefully. Never give your cat any dog products. As always I welcome your stories and comments

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