Traveling Pets Now Can Poop In Private At New York’s JFK

A new pet relief area has opened to give your furry friends a bathroom experience they’ll appreciate.

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Animals traveling through Chicago O'hare International have similar amenities. Via Via Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner/Flickr

After a long flight with your pet, hurrying through the airport to find the closest outdoor spot for it to relieve itself may be a thing of the past.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, in the city’s Queens borough, opened an indoor pet relief area last week for those impatient pups and anxious kitties so they can do their business in private, the New York Post reports.

The pet potty — which comes with a red fire hydrant and fake grass — is located in Terminal 4. It reportedly is a single-stall bathroom, decorated with paw prints and lined with Epoxy and waterproof turf.

“We had some privacy, and he did his job,” Aliyah Sharifullin told NYP, adding her 2-year-old mixed-breed cat, Thirteen, felt right at home. “In Atlanta, he was very scared in the bathroom and didn’t go. Here, it was very comfortable.”

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The West Coast also looks out for pets at San Diego International Airport. Via emma_ruth_k/Instagram

Dogs are reportedly enjoying the new amenities, too.

“This is hilarious,” Tracy Schneider said, traveling with her Shih Tzu-poodle mix, Joey. “It’s great for them to have a place to go. You don’t have to worry as much when you travel with them.”

Airport officials told the news organization the pet relief area was created for the animals that often didn’t make it outdoors as much as for travelers who would have to re-enter through security in the past. Now the animals have this room – designed to be hosed down regularly – and their owners are provided with “doo-doo bags” to help in the cleanup.

Patrick Glines, manager of the Manhattan-based Guide Dog Foundation that helped design the pet poop palace, explained to NYP why the relief area only made sense.

“If you have a five-hour flight, you are at the airport a couple hours early,” Glines said. “That’s a good seven hours that an animal doesn’t have access to relieve itself, not to mention if there’s a connecting flight.”

JFK is known for its attention to details – and comfort – when it comes to travelers and their furry friends. Last summer, the aviation center announced the creation of a private, luxury terminal from animals big and small. “The ARK at JFK” is scheduled to open this fall.

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