Travel Tuesday: Vancouver is a Little Closer to a Cat Café

Vancouver’s Catfé will begin construction and renovations soon.

Every city needs a cat café. And it seems like just about every city is going to get one. Next up is Vancouver (so lucky!). Michelle Furbacher, owner of Catfé announced in mid-July that “the City of Vancouver has approved our permit application, and we will be starting construction and renovations in the next couple of weeks!”

If you live in the Vancouver area, or are planning on visiting, Catfé will be in the International Village Mall on the second floor. The mall is located at 88 West Pender Street.

It being a cat café is enough for a visit, but just in case you’re wondering what Catfé is all about, it’ll be part café, part cat foster home. Cat lovers will get to visit and get much-needed quality time (for both humans and felines) as well as cat-themed drinks, snacks and merchandise. Catfé will be the permanent home to 10 rescue kitties as well as a group of cats available for adoption through VOKRA, a cat rescue.

Catfé hopes to open in October 2015. For more information, visit their Facebook page. Will you visit?

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