Travel Tuesday: Philadelphia to Get Its First Cat Café

Cat cafés continue to spring up across the U.S. (and the world), with the latest reportedly opening in Philadelphia later this year.

Chances are when you talk to the barista at your favorite coffeehouse you have the perfect drink in mind. Some of you may ask for almond milk. Others want it sugar-free. And if you’re anything like me, you say yes to the whipped cream and cinnamon. You may even ask for a scone or biscotti on the side. With the advent of cat cafés everywhere (with the exception of my town; come on, people, Orange County, Calif. needs one), cat lovers now have the luxury of asking for their coffee with a side of cat time. Or is it cat time with coffee on the side?

The latest café to offer cat time and coffee on the menu is hoping to open in Philadelphia later this year. A location still needs to be decided on and settled, but the plan is for a December opening, Philadelphia Business Journal reports. The café, dubbed Kawaii Kitty Café by owner Kristin Eissler, will house 10 to 15 adoptable cats at a time through a partnership with Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

“PAWS said whenever I adopt them out, they’ll have other ones ready to come in,” Eissler told Philadelphia Business Journal. “It’s an adoption center fused with a café. You can come in, get a coffee and hang out with cats.”

As is standard with cat cafés, the cats at Kawaii Kitty Café will be separate from the actual café; however, a glass wall will allow for those visiting the café to still view the cats. Eissler hopes to find a 1,200-foot space for the establishment in Fairmount, Fishtown, Northern Liberties or Old City. She hopes to accommodate up to 25 visitors in the cat room, with community-style seating in the café. She also plans on serving cat-themed goodies.

Eissler provides progress updates on her Facebook page:

Will you visit the Kawaii Kitty Café when it opens?

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