Travel Tuesday: Hop On Over To The Bunny Museum

Love bunnies? Check out this museum in Pasadena, California.

If you just can’t get enough of rabbits, then The Bunny Museum is a place you need to visit.

Located in Pasadena, California, this museum is a living museum. In other words, the owners, Steve Lubanski and Candace Frazee live here. Their love of bunnies is evident by their collection of more than 30,000 bunny items, including games, kitchenware, toiletries, furniture, books and light fixtures. Part of that collection includes eight float bunnies from the Rose Parade.

While the museum is full of bunny collectibles, Lubanski and Frazee also have three real bunnies who live there with them. These rabbits are litter box trained and spend their time outside of cages, the website states.

The Bunny Museum, dubbed “The Hoppiest Place on Earth” by the website, opened in March of 1998 and visitors will not only get to see the live bunnies, but also some famous ones. Bugs Bunny, Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, Roger Rabbit and many other beloved bunny characters have found their home at this museum. However, most visitors tend to flock to the Elvis bunny, the website states, likely “because he is recognized by all cultures around the world.”

Visitors can add to the collection by bringing the museum owners a bunny collectible. They do stress that they will not accept real bunnies.

The Bunny Museum is located at 1933 Jefferson Drive, Pasadena, California, 91104. They are open every day of the year, in the afternoon only. Reservations are required. To make a reservation, call (626) 798-8848. While there is no entrance fee, there is a suggested $5 donation. Children 4 years old and younger are free.

To find out more about The Bunny Museum, visit their website.

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