Travel Tuesday: Enjoy the Purrfect Cup in Providence

Rhode Island may see its first cat café in January 2016.

Cat lovers Zack Durkin and Sarah Brown moved to South Korea to teach English. There they embraced the culture, engaged in a whole new experience and visited the cat cafés that are prevalent in Asian countries. They expected to love the cafés. But as they say on their website, “What we didn’t expect was that we would fall in love with the idea of opening our own. The minute we went to our first cat café we both knew this was what we wanted to do.”

Cut to the couple back home in Providence, Rhode Island, where they filled their free time with research and planning. Now, with their Indiegogo campaign underway, they are one step closer to their dream becoming a reality.

If their campaign is fully funded (they’re asking for $25,000), The Purrfect Cup cat café and cat room will be home to 10 to 20 cats from local shelters. It will also be two separate businesses. To ensure compliance with health and safety rules and regulations in the area, Durkin and Brown will open The Purrfect Cup Café and The Purrfect Cup Cat Room. The purchase of a drink from the café ($10 each) will grant visitors entrance to the Cat Room. Drinks will be allowed in the cat area. For those who wish to skip the coffee and head straight for the cats, a $10 entry fee applies. On the flip side, if you only have time for coffee, The Purrfect Cup “will have a separate price list for takeout orders and second cups for café visitors.”

Cat lovers who visit the establishment must make reservations and only 15 visitors will be allowed in the Cat Room at a time. Each visitor’s reservation grants them one hour with the cats. However, if you’re late, that time comes out of your hour. The Purrfect Cup recommends arriving 10 minutes early, especially if you plan on getting some coffee first.

Want to know more about Rhode Island’s first cat café? Check out this video:

Visit The Purrfect Cup website for more details.

To learn more about (or to donate to) The Purrfect Cup fundraising campaign, visit their Indiegogo campaign page.

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