Travel Tuesday: Cat Cuddle Café

Lucky Australians now have a cat café in Brisbane.

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and now Brisbane – cat cafés are officially making their way across Australia, which of course makes me want to go back and visit them all. But given the distance between each of these cities, choosing one might be the best bet.

If Brisbane is on your list of places to go (or if you’re lucky enough to live there), visit Cat Cuddle Café. This cat café just opened last weekend at 160 Musgrave Road in Red Hill and is the city’s first. Like others of its kind, the cats at this café are all rescues from a local shelter. In this case, Pussies Galore Rescue. According to the website, Cat Cuddle Café will be home to up to 10 adult cats in addition to 10 kittens under 3 months old at any given time, depending on how quickly they get adopted.

The cats and the café will be separate. Prepackaged snacks and goodies will be served in the café along with coffee from Prestige Organic Coffee. While the food cannot be served in the room with the cats, visitors can bring their coffee in with them for their cuddle sessions. Each cuddle session costs $10 and lasts an hour. Children under 7 years old are not permitted in the cat room, not only for the safety of the cats, but also for the safety of the children.

If you’re planning on visiting the Cat Cuddle Café for some coffee and a cuddle session, it is recommended that you make reservations ahead of time. To book cuddle time with the cats, visit the Cat Cuddle Café website.

Brisbane’s cat café is open Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Will you visit?

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