Travel Tuesday: A Cat Café in Perth, Australia

See what’s planned for the "Happiest Place in Perth.”

Yesterday afternoon when I looked at the Indiegogo campaign page, The Cat Café Perth, which hopes to open this year, had raised a little less than $1,500 AUD of their $150,000 AUD goal. This morning they had $16,995 AUD of their goal. Not bad for the campaign only being up a day. They even have over 12,000 likes on their Facebook page so far. With that kind of response already, Australia just may be getting another cat café.

By now we all know what cat cafés are all about. So what do we know about The Cat Café Perth?

This Western Australian cat café was founded by Chris Mewburn and Terps Platritis. Both are architects and are already thinking about the design, Mewburn said, according to Their campaign page says it will be “the most pawesome sanctuary for [the cats] to play in, fit with all the tunnels, boxes, scratching posts, dangling string, sunny window seats, and toys you can imagine!” The resident cats of this “pawesome sanctuary,” of course, will be rescues.

“We’re going to rescue cats from the different cat havens and rescue places around town,” Mewburn told The Sydney Morning Herald. “We’re hoping to partner up with a few different ones, Cat Haven WA have already told us they’re interested in helping out.”

As customary with cat cafés, the food and the cats will be in separate areas. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Mewburn said the food available for purchase will likely be prepackaged from a caterer (so no food will be prepared on site) and the coffee will be in coffee cups.

Deemed “The Happiest Place in Perth” by Mewburn, the founders want to make this cat café not only a sanctuary for the cats, but also for the cat lovers who visit.

“We both come from a mental health background looking after people and we both understand the benefits of having cats and pets in your life,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “For us, it’s not just about having a good place for cats, it’s about creating a happy environment for people to come and play with cats.”

But they need those potential The Cat Café Perth patrons’ help to reach their $150,000 AUD goal. Those who donate get anything from unlimited high fives from the owners to coffee mugs and tote bags to a lifetime pass membership and more. To learn more visit The Cat Café Perth on Indiegogo or check out their website.

With the success of the campaign so far and with 30 days left to fund the remaining amount, The Cat Café Perth may likely open this year. I might need to book the 20-hour flight once The Cat Café Perth opens (exact location and opening date to be determined) and check it out. Who’s in?

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