Travel Cage: Bird Term of the Day

Definitions of words used by pet bird enthusiasts with the pet bird slant.

Travel cage: (noun) This is a smaller sized cage used for when a pet bird is transported from one place to another. Although typically much smaller and easier to carry than the pet bird’s main living cage, it still has adequate space for the pet bird’s body. Because the space is limited and in some cases, such as with the larger macaws, the pet bird will not be able to stretch its wings out in the travel cage, a pet bird should only be housed in a travel carrier for a minimal amount of time.

A travel cage can also be used a pet bird’s sleeping cage if the bird’s main cage is in a noisy part of the house. All travel cages should include food and water dishes and a very sturdy perch that the bird can firmly grip when on the move. At least one toy should be included; however, it must be tied in a way that doesn’t hit the pet bird when the cage is in motion.

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