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When it comes to traveling, dog owners think long and hard before deciding to bring their little buddies along for the ride.

Dog TravelWith this in mind, Dog Fancy readers supplied us with plenty of insights on hitting the road with their favorite traveling companions.

  • Percentage who travel with their dogs – 84%
  • 36%  travel more than 5 times a year with their dogs

Top Dog-Traveling Products:

  1. Crates – 55.1%
  2. Seat Covers – 55%
  3. First-aid kits – 42.8%
  4. Restraints – 37.1%
  • 30.9% want to learn more things about traveling with their dogs
  • Percentage who choose hotels or rental properties based on their pet policy – 91.2%

TOP REASONS readers don’t travel with their pooches:

  1. Still too many places that don’t welcome fur & four-legs
  2. Concerned for their dog’s safety & well-being
  • 78.3% research and compare pet-friendly locations before choosing a vacation destination
  • When flying, percentage who “carry-on” their dogs – 47.2%

When traveling with dogs…

  1. 96.2% – Travel by car
  2. 63.8% – stay in hotels
  3. 80.1% – Travel with 2 or more pets
  • 86.9% limit their travel stay to get back home to their dog

Source: Dog Fancy 2010 Reader Travel Survey

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