Training Your Dog the Basics

Your dog should learn all the basic obedience commands.

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When puppy is able to come and sit, its time to involve the entire family. First of all, everyone must do the come and sit exercises with him individually so that he learns to listen to everyone. Then, two of you stand about six feet apart, facing each other. These are the positions for the Round Robin game. The Round Robin game is the fundamental means of teaching the puppy how to perform specific behaviors such as sit, stay, down and come.


This type of training also has many benefits. First of all, your puppy has a great time, thus maintaining a longer attention span. Secondly, he learns to work for everyone in the family, not just one person. Third, he will become very tired, needing several hours of rest afterward. A tired puppy stays out of trouble, thus giving you peace of mind for a while.


Begin by calling your puppy to come. As soon as he sits and receives his treat, the next person calls him. Your puppy will come to each of you in turn and sit, facing the person who called him. Go back and forth a few times, then increase the distance between you by taking one big step backward while the other person has puppys attention. You can continue increasing the distance up to about 15 feet; more than that would be too much at first. Young pups tire easily and, when tired, will lose their attentiveness.


Should the pup become distracted during his travels between family members, the person who last called him should try to regain his attention by putting a treat under the pups nose. If this is not enough, then that person should take hold of the leash (remember that he should be dragging the leash at this time) and bring the puppy to him. This is very important, for your puppy will quickly figure out whose voice has meaning and whose does not. Puppies will not listen to those who do not back up their commands.

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