Training Tips For Rat Owners

Find out what behaviors you can train your pet rat to do.

Rats are intelligent and easy to train. They can be taught to come when they’re called and stand up on their hind legs on command. Some rats enjoy giving kisses to their owners.

Rats can also be litter trained to go to the bathroom in a designated area.

Before you start training your rat, make sure you have bonded with it by handling your small pet a lot until it is comfortable. Choose its favorite treat, and reward your rat immediately when it performs a behavior that you like. When your rat doesn’t do what you want, ignore it. When your small pet gets it right, give it a treat and praise.

Hold a 5-minute training session with your rat every day to reinforce what you teach it. Be consistent, and wait until your rat has mastered one trick before you start working on the next.

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