Training the Boston Terrier Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your Boston Terrier the rules of his new human world.

A dogs life needs structure, and your Boston Terrier will do best if his life is kept on a schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit: they like to wake, eat, play, go for walks, sleep and so forth in the same pattern every day. When your pup first comes home, do not play with him constantly, as he is very young and needs time to rest up and sleep. Keep him to a schedule as much as you can so that he will learn the routine very quickly. If he knows that you rise at 7:00 every morning, and shortly after that you will take him out, he will learn to wait for you to let him out rather than relieving himself in his crate.

Habits, both good and bad ones, that are learned at an early age become lifelong habits, so it is best to start out on the right foot. For example, don’t allow your Boston to chew on the legs of your old patio furniture and think that its cute; before long, he will be gnawing on the feet of your expensive dining-room table. Set limits and make sure that the pup sticks to them.

These same principles apply to the pups toilet routine. Good habits translate to clean habits, and hence the beginning of house-training. Bostons are bright dogs and learn the house rules practically automatically. Keep the pup confined to a specific area, such as the kitchen and family room, until he is trained and fairly mature. Use baby gates and he will quickly learn that he is welcome in certain areas of the house and not welcome in other areas. And, of course, put him in his crate when you go out so that he learns to be comfortable in his house and he will sleep until you return.

The house-training process should begin as soon as you bring puppy home. Do not think that you can delay this job just because you have a small dog! Diligence during the first two or three weeks will surely pay off many times over the life of the dog. Luckily, this should be a relatively easy job, since the Boston is not only smart but also tidy and well dressed.

Every time your puppy wakes up from a nap, he should be quickly taken outside. Watch him and praise himGood boy!when he urinates or defecates. Give him a pat on the head and bring him back inside. He may have a few accidents but, with the appropriate No from you, he will quickly learn that it is better to go outside and do his business than to do it on the kitchen floor and be scolded. If you catch him in the act, shout No, pick him up, quickly put his leash on and whisk him to his outside potty area. The key here is in the act. If you notice a puddle or pile even one minute after it happens, you are too late. The pup won’t make the connection and will think he is being scolded for no reason.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Boston Terrier © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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