Training the Border Collie Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your Border Collie the rules of his new human world.

Before you bring home your Border Collie, you must “puppy-proof” your home. This is for the pups safety as well as for the safety of your home and belongings.

First, you will need to decide to which rooms in the home puppy will have access. You will then have to make sure that nothing dangerous is within your puppy’s reach, remembering that as he grows he will be able to reach more and more. Border Collies are active dogs and as puppies are quite curious. Everyday household items may seem harmless enough, but a dainty cloth draped over the side of a table full of fragile ornaments is just asking for trouble! Even more dangerous to a mischievous puppy are electrical cords and wires, so be sure that they are concealed from his reach and his teeth.

A well-placed sturdy baby gate will protect your puppy from doggie dangers while protecting your house and belongings from the inevitable puppy mischief and puppy teeth. It’s wise to confine the puppy to a tiled or uncarpeted room or space, one that can be easily cleaned and is accessible to the outside door that he will use for potty trips.

Gated, however, does not mean unsupervised. Border Collie puppies bore easily and have been known to entertain themselves by trying to escape from their confined areas or chewing on whatever might be in their designated room; yes, that includes carpets, furniture, cabinets, etc. If your puppy must be unattended, use his crate.

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