Training: The Basics And Beyond

Use patience, consistency and love to train your ferret.

Ferret training tipsFerret training encompasses many aspects, with litter training and learning not to bite being the most common training needs. On the positive side, some ferrets graduate to service training or learn to do tricks. 

Each category of training requires a lot of patience on the part of the owner and the ferret. If you set out to train your ferret, you must be consistent in your techniques and realize and accept your ferret’s limitations. 

Some ferrets pick up what you are trying to teach them right away, some take a bit more time, and some just never seem to learn what you want them to do. That’s why love is an important factor in ferret training. Even if your ferret is not an Einstein, if it knows that you love it, it will do the best it can to please you; and your love for your ferret will help you accept the many mistakes that it makes during the training process.

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