Training a Dog to Wear Halloween Costumes

The trick is treating your dog for good behavior while wearing her outfit.

After ordering your dog a Halloween costume, you put it on her before the party and stand back to admire her – only to watch as she pulls it off, rips it apart, freezes like she can’t move or dashes about in near panic.

Dogs don’t appreciate how cute they look in a costume and often dislike the restricted feeling it imposes. Avoid any of the above reactions with these tips.

  • Order the costume well ahead to allow time to help your dog accept her outfit.
  • Initially put the costume on her for about two minutes; praise and feed some favorite treats to create a pleasant association.
  • If all goes well, increase time to five minutes the next day, again treating and praising.
  • Intermittently treating and praising, gradually increase the time she wears her costume until you work up to the couple hours needed for Halloween.
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Behavior and Training · Dogs