Train Your Dog to Bark

How do I teach my dog to bark?

Q. This may sound like a silly question, but how do you teach a dog to bark? We adopted a dog from a kennel and we know she can bark, but in the five months we’ve had her, she has not barked at home. I’ve read that Corgis tend to be barkers, but not this one!

A. Breeders try to keep barking to a minimum in their kennels, and your dog seems to have taken the lesson to heart. First train the dog to listen for obscure sounds by looking apprehensive and whispering “Who is it?” or “Who’s coming?” every time you hear someone approaching your driveway, walking up to the door or moving upstairs. Whisper to make the dog more attentive. Your body language is important, so look alert and cautious but not frightened.

The instant she barks, say “Good bark” and go to the window, door or stairs to help her associate the sound with the bark and your approval. It will also tell her she has done her part and you have taken over. One bark is enough, or you’ll have a problem of a different kind.

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