Train Your Bird To Touch A Target

Want a new way to train your pet bird? Train your pet bird to touch a target to build a better birdie relationship.

Target Training

A happy training session goes a long way in strengthening your friendship with your bird. Train your bird to touch a target, and get in the groove of building a lasting partnership.

Target training works simply: You train your bird to tap a target with its beak. Cue your bird to tap an object, such as a mirror, by reinforcing this behavior with praise. This is also a distraction technique.

1) Pick a target. Try a chopstick, coffee stirrer or your closed hand ?anything that can be used for only this purpose.

2) Bring that item as close as you can to your bird.

3) It might tap the target right away, which you must immediately reward, or it could react to the target by looking at, leaning in toward or moving toward it.

4) You could reward this behavior as well because it brings your bird closer to the goal. If you take this approach, reward each step consistently and immediately.

5) As your bird gets closer to tapping the target, cease the rewards for the previous steps.

6Once your parrot touches the target without hesitation, begin to draw the target farther away so that the bird must move to meet it. This will reinforce the training.

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