Train Your Bird To Step Up

Although basic, when it comes to bird training, the step-up command is essential. Find out how to train the step up in this article.

Step Up

A happy training session goes a long way in strengthening your friendship with your pet bird. Start with essential “step up?to get in the groove of building a lasting partnership.

Although basic, the step-up command is an essential move in any bird? repertoire. Plus, it sets the foundation for teaching advanced tricks. Follow these step-by-step tips to get your bird to step up. Note: If you are in the process of taming your parrot, start slowly but confidently. Birds can detect nervousness and might nip an unsteady hand or finger.

1) Begin by finding your bird? favorite method of positive reinforcement, such as a head scratch or a treat. This will be its reward for this command and others.

2) Hold your hand so your palm faces your chest and your fingers point to your opposite arm.

3) Keep your wrist firm as you bring your hand near your parrot, palm in the same position and fingers extended.

4) Draw your hand below your parrot? feet and gently sweep up to encourage your bird to step on the edge of your top finger.

5) Say your cue, “Step up,?and reward a correct behavior with a treat.

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