Toys to Entertain

Keep your cat fit and happy with these toy choices. You'll both have fun playing!

Playful kittenToys are a great way to keep your cat entertained, but with so many on the market, how do you know which to pick? Here are five great choices.

Feather Toys
Feather toys keep cats busy and require owner participation. There are a variety of these popular feather teasers and wands available at pet supply stores and online. Just be sure to put them away when you are done, so the cat will not eat the feathers, says Charles Koenig, DVM, of the Limerick Veterinary Hospital in Pennsylvania.

The ball is an old classic that works wonders for cats. Balls of any type are great for play. Bouncy rubber balls, plastic balls and ping pong balls are just a few that your cat will love to bat around.

Makeshift Toys
Some fantastic sources of entertainment may already be in your house. Just plain old paper bags [without handles] and boxes give cats plenty of fun, Koenig says.

Tunnels and Climbers
These toys are exercise-oriented and encourage cats to run and play. Perfect for cats that need to lose a little weight.

Receptacle Toys
These come in all shapes and sizes, Koenig says. Some hold catnip and others hold food. If you’re concerned about your cats weight, making it work for its food is a great solution. A toy designed to slowly release dry food as your cat plays will help your cat get some exercise while having fun.

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