Toy Company Will Make A Stuffed Version Of Your Dog For Free

But there's a catch. Only a limited number of dogs will be chosen, and they are selected at random.

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The Toronto-based company will make a plush version of your rescue dog. Via Pibborafi

Although a handful of wealthy pet owners have actually had their pets cloned, for those of us who don’t have thousands of dollars stuffed under the sofa cushions, a snuggly stuffed lookalike will have to do. Last year, a company called Cuddle Clones gained popularity after it began making ultra-realistic plush versions of peoples’ pets. The toys looked beyond impressive, capturing each animal’s unique personality, facial features and even the distinct markings of their fur. Now a Canadian company also wants to make a stuffed version of your dog — and they’ll do it for free. (And yes, of course there’s a catch).

Pibborafi is only making stuffed versions of a few dogs, although all dogs are eligible for consideration. For a chance to have your dog selected, you have to submit some information about your pet through the Pibborafi website, along with a short statement about why he or she should be the next Pibborafi plush toy.

“We don’t want to leave any dog out,” Dina Bowler, a production manager at Pibborafi, told Petcha. “Selection process is random, so no one has an edge over anyone else. It’s like a lottery.”

"Look, Charlie! It's you!" Via Pibborafi

“Look, Charlie! It’s you!” Via Pibborafi

If your dog is chosen, you will receive two plush toys — the two first toys from the production line — completely free of charge. And that’s where your participation ends.

“We prepare your toy for production and your agreement with us will terminate,” the company’s website states. “You will not be able to claim and/or share in any profits or royalties. However, you will be able to see your Pibborafi bring joy to children everywhere.”

If that sounds like a good deal for you — and for your dog — fill out the form and see what happens. Telling everyone that your dog will be the next Pibborafi is a better conversation starter than, “So, crazy weather we’re having, huh?”

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