Towel? What Towel?

Ever wonder what your birds are doing while you’re at work? Well, yesterday I found out what Ollie was up to. It was a bit chilly the previous night, even for California, so I covered his cage with a towel and uncovered it in the morning. By the time I got home, Ollie had already climbed into his T-Pee sleep hut. No wonder he was tired. I apparently left the towel within beaks’ reach on the table next to Ollie’s cage, so he spent a good deal of time and energy pulling that towel into his cage … through ½-inch barring no less! That must have been quite an undertaking. From what I could tell, Ollie spent time eating on towel, because there were seed hulls and pellet crumbs within the crevices, not to mention about a day’s worth of droppings. I should have known better though than to use one of our white bath towels. On the positive side, no need for a cage liner change.

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