Tour the Country With Cats: The Cat Circus Is Hiring

Now's the time to quit your job as a desk jockey and pursue life as a travelin', wranglin' cat handler with the amazing Acro-Cats.

The Acro-Cats is an exceptional group. Founder Samantha Martin created a show out of the combined talents of several captivating cats, showcasing her talent for training animals, which she’d begun working on 10 years ago, and the unique talents of each individual feline. She took that show on the road and performed it for audiences who responded with surprise and awe across the country.

Now YOU have the chance to be part of the amazingness. Martin posted a Craiglist ad for an Acro-Cats tour assistant based out of Chicago, one who must meet the following requirements, in italics, which sound pretty well matched with the Cat Fancy/CatChannel readership as a whole (and my notes encouraging you to apply follow each point Martin listed):

  • Animal-care experience.
    Every day, gotta clean up after and care for those star felines. Check!
  • Out-going personality.
    Willing to work with the public to express your love of the cats, and share travel and room with fellow Acro-Cats crew members, who obvs also love cats. Check!
  • Physically fit.
    You lift litter and food bags, kneel down regularly to clean boxes and are a gymnast with cat toys to encourage play. Check!
  • Theatre experience a plus.
    Anyone in sports/drama club/band in school? Totally counts. Check!
  • Work with volunteers.
    Spend time with people who love cats? I know you got this one. Check!

Finally, Martin says applicants “MUST LOVE CATS!” ‘Nuff said.

Think you’d apply for this awesome opportunity? acro-cat-tuna

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