Tough Competition At Crufts Dog Show Means We All Win

Canines vied for title of Best in Show at 125th annual dog event, and a fan favorite nearly overshadowed the champ.

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How can you even pick the best from these two? Via onEdition/Crufts

Competition is fierce in the dog show world. We mean that in both the literal and the finger-snapping-in-the-air sense.

A West Highland White Terrier named Devon received the Crufts Best In Show award in the United Kingdom on Sunday, reports Crufts. The 2-year-old Westie, whose fancier title is Geordie Girl, outdid 22,000 international pedigreed dogs to win the coveted title at the dog show in Birmingham, hosted by dog registry The Kennel Club.

Devon is a modest winner . Via onEdition/Crufts

Devon is a modest winner. Also, a super cute one. Via onEdition/Crufts

“She is a typical terrier, a bit of a tomboy, very independent and fun to be around,” Devon’s owner Marie Burns told The Kennel Club.

In expressing her expressed her gratitude for the win, Burns acknowledged that it’s the first time in more than 20 years for a Westie to get top honors.

Devon has her game face on. Via onEdition/Crufts

Devon has her game face on. Via onEdition/Crufts

But there was another dog in the race.

CruftsSoFluffy Via onEdition/Crufts

Among the six other finalists — Jen the German Spitz Klein, Zony the Border Collie, James the Gordon Setter, Hazel the Whippet, Hector the Bouvier Des Flandres — breezed a golden-haired cloud of dog glory called Eric the Pekingese.

The Internet’s collective heart belonged to Eric the Pekingese over the weekend. Social media love letters proclaimed adoration for the floating mass of amazing fur, who won Best of Breed at the competition.

“Does he even have legs?” asked Simon Hardwick on Twitter.

Over the past 24 hours, dozens of tweets shouted their love of the dog — who resembles either a “Star Wars” creature, Donald Trump’s hair or a chocolate croissant, depending on who you ask — and their ardent wish for him to win Best in Show.

We hope they are feeling OK today. There were some threats of not watching the show anymore if Eric didn’t win.

But, really, don’t we all want to tune in next year to see what other ridiculously cute dogs will be in the running?

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