Total Stranger Strips Down, Jumps In Water To Save Elderly Dog From Drowning

When you say Bobby L'Heureux's name out loud, it sounds a lot like hero.

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Carli was swept away by the water of Mill Creek, near Moab, Utah. Via Sara Melnicoff/Facebook

Sara Melnicoff was in a terrifying position, watching helplessly as her elderly dog, Carli, was swept away by the “raging waters” of Mill Creek, near Moab, Utah. The dog was unable to get out of the water and, according to Melnicoff, was barely able to keep her head above the current. But just as Melnicoff started to take her shoes off so she could jump in after Carli, she noticed that a complete stranger had already stripped down so that he could go after the dog.

“He plunged into the water, making his way along the slippery rocks, while the powerful currents of the water rushed all around him,” Melnicoff wrote on Facebook.

The man somehow caught up to Carli downstream and carried the exhausted 13-year-old animal back to her relieved — and teary eyed — owner. Other than being a little shaky, Carli was otherwise unharmed.

“She has arthritis in her back legs, is 13 and mostly senile. (Like me!),” Melnicoff joked.

Carli, pictured on dry ground. Via Sara Melnicoff/Facebook

Carli, pictured on dry ground. Via Sara Melnicoff/Facebook

She took a picture of the brave rescue (and brave rescuer) and learned that his name was Bobby L’Heureux. Apparently, that wasn’t his only good deed: The Utah man runs a non-profit organization called Big Heart, Big Hands, which raises money for mountain rescue organizations.

So basically if you’re in trouble, in the water or on land, L’Heureux has your back. That’s good to know.

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