Total Loss of Fort Myers Fish Store Due to Fire

Hundreds of freshwater and saltwater fish and corals lost to fire.

An aquarium store in Fort Myers, Fla., has been deemed a total loss due to a fire the morning of January 7. Boardroom Aquatics, a purveyor of exotic freshwater and marine fish, corals  and supplies for fishkeepers. Owner Rich Windeler found out about the fire from a customer who informed him that he was watching the store burn on the morning news.

Hundreds of fish and corals were destroyed in the fire, according to the news report.

“This is Rich’s life. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through right now,” friend Karen Donnelly told NBC 2 News. Windeler, who has been at the same location for the last 24 years plans to rebuild and has the support of the community he has served since the 1980s. “I’ve had people offering to come and do whatever needs to be done, moving things or whatever they can do to help, and strangely enough they really mean it,” he told NBC 2 News.
The fire is still under investigation.

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