Tornado-Surviving Dog Found In Dead Owner’s Arms Gets New ‘Leash’ On Life

Emma not only gets a new name, but also a loving family as she begins her road to recovery.

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Emma shortly after her tornado ordeal. Via ABC News

Two weeks ago, a dog that made headlines after being found in her dead owner’s arms following a devastating tornado, has a new name, a new home and a new lease on life.

Emma was found bruised and battered with David and Brenda Tapley following the twister that hit Van, Texas on May 12.

“Emma went and crawled up underneath his [her former owner’s] arm for comfort, so a very sad situation… but she’s going to have a good home,” Cindy Nash, the director of Nicholas’ Pet Haven, told ABC News.

The Great Pyrenees — believed to be about 8 years old — was one of 10 dogs owned by the family; three of whom died in the storm and one who was taken out of state by other family members. The remaining six were surrendered to Nicholas Pet Haven where staff is looking to place them in new homes, as well.

Emma with her new owner Michelle Shockley. Via ABC News

Emma with her new owner Michelle Shockley. Via ABC News

It was tornado rescuer Michelle Shockley who decided to make Emma part of her family.

“I was sitting in the back of the pick-up and she came out [from an crate] on my lap,” Shockley, a supervisor at a nearby zoo, told ABC News. “She was just exhausted and very traumatized.”

The veterinarian who treated Emma reportedly told Shockley that the dog suffered some head trauma and an inner ear injury and was most likely at the storm’s Ground Zero, based on Emma’s bruising. At the suggestion of a behavioral psychologist, Shockley also renamed the dog Emma.

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