Tori On A Roll And Ollie On A Head

I just got the July 2009 issue of Bird Talk and gave it a good thumb through. We had fun putting this one together for many reasons. As I previously mentioned, this issue features the Fruit-and-Veggie Kabob; the one the crows turned their beaks up at. Tori the lovebird, who owns Bird Talk’s associate editor, Jessica Pineda, was game enough to perch on it so we would snap the photo. I also debuted one of my new editor’s photos (the same one used for this blog, in fact). I know it’s rather silly but, let’s face it, birds can be quite silly. Ollie, for instance thought nothing of perching on my head ?that was not a staged shot. (Curiously, this is also where he is most mornings during our shower: on my head, surfing my wet hair. Don’t worry, I shampoo last, using one hand so I can hold Ollie on the other.)

Speaking of Tori again, she graced the cover of the June 2009 issue, which was our “cleaning issue.” We tried different cleaning-themed items to perch her on, and one was a paper towel role (what bird owner doesn’t use paper towels!) and that is how our little internet star was born. As soon as we perched her on the towel roll, it rolled and she rolled with it. “Quick grab the video camera Jessica,” I exclaimed! We tried it again, with same result: a lovebird doing the log roll ?priceless!

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