Top Kid-Friendly Cats

See which 10 cat breeds children get along well with at home.

Find out which breeds of cat are a good match for kids. Via Pixabay

What is more endearing than a child holding a cuddly cat? A child snuggling with a purring cat that loves the attention from its small human companion. If your household includes children, consider adding one of these kid-friendly cat breeds to your home.

Have a mix-breed cat, or don’t see your favorite cat breed here? This list contains just a small set of the many cats that do well with children.

American Wirehair.

Distinguished by a curly, kinky coat that gives the cat its name, the medium-sized American Wirehair cat comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns. This outgoing, friendly lap cat loves to be held by everyone, including children.


The active, energetic Chausie cat is the result of a cross between the Jungle Cat and domestic cats, but its personality is much more mild than wild. Because this cat breed craves companionship, it does well with children who have been taught to treat animals with respect.

Havana Brown.

The chocolate-colored Havana Brown cat enjoys meeting people of all ages. The cat’s social, even-tempered personality means it will thrive on attention when visitors come over and will blend well in households that include children and other pets.

Maine Coon.

Known for its large size and lovely longhaired coat, the Maine Coon cat is a popular choice with all types of cat owners. The cat’s gentle, devoted nature makes it a welcome addition to homes with children.


A cross between the Munchkin cat and the Persian cat, the Napoleon cat breed combines the best of both cat breeds for a playful, laidback feline companion. While the cat breed’s short legs immediately capture attention, the Napoleon’s love for and gentleness with children quickly win over cat-loving parents.


This native Russian cat breed combines intelligence, friendliness and dog-like qualities in a compact body covered with a plush coat. With a reputation for devotion, the Siberian cat tends to view the children of the house as its own, showing its loyalty to even the youngest kids.


It looks just like the pointed, Siamese-like cat you may have grown up with, and it has the same sweet, endearing personality you remember. The Thai cat makes an ideal companion for owners of all ages and has a people-oriented, inquisitive personality to complement that of children.


With the body type of a Burmese cat and the pointed coat of the Siamese cat, the Tonkinese blends the best of two popular breeds. The Tonkinese cat also shows the best traits of these cats: a social nature and love for people that extends to humans of all ages.


The wonderful thing about Toyger cats — if you have to choose just one — is that Toygers love children, and love to play with them. This domestic breed with the wild tiger looks makes an attentive, loving companion in all types of households.

Turkish Angora.

The energy level of the Turkish Angora cat allows it to keep up with the playful antics of children of all ages. This longhaired cat enjoys a reputation as a highly interactive breed, lavishing affection on all members of the household.

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