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10. Professional Dog Handler Organizations
Profiles of the AKC Registered Handler Program, Dog Handlers Guild and Professional Handlers Association. Click to continue>>

9. Judging Panel for the Next AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Edd E. Bivin to be Best in Show Judge at AKC/Eukanuba National Championship 2012. Click to continue>>

8. Crufts 2012: A Disaster
Lhasa Apso takes Best in Show; disqualifications create controversy. Click to continue>>

7. Westminster Welcomes Six New Dog Breeds
Six new dog breeds now approved for competition by the American Kennel Club will make their Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show debut this year. Click to continue>>

6. Which Dog Breeds Win the Most Shows?
Would you have guessed, for instance, that Toy dogs won more Best in Shows than any of the other AKC Groups? Click to continue>>

5. What Is Show Dog Co-Ownership?
Consider a few key ways to help ensure that your purebred dog co-ownership will be rewarding and not turn into a nightmare, as so many do. Click to continue>>

4. Problems with Medications and the MDR1 Gene
Learn if your dog is susceptible to certain medication problems with a simple genetic test. Click to continue>>

3. AKC Judges: Facts and Figures
Everyone talks about dog judges, but nobody knows much about them. Click to continue>>

2. Originality Counts When Picking a Kennel Name
Dog kennel owners reveal the inspiration behind their namesake. Click to continue>>

1. Umbilical Hernias in Dogs
An umbilical hernia is a common condition that is often overlooked. Click to continue>>


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