Top Dog Stories Of 2016

We laughed. And cried. And we had a great time covering a lot of dogs and their unique stories for the year.

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John Virata

The year 2016 saw a variety of stories about dogs. Packs of dogs swimming with their master. Dogs saving lives. Dogs finding their way home after years lost. Here we bring you the top dog stories for the year.

10. Husky Decides It’s More Fun To Blow Bubbles In His Water Than Drink It

“Look! Bubbles!” Via Kent Duryée/Facebook

This Husky just loved making bubbles in his water bowl. Read more.

9. Flight Attendant Adopts Street Dog Who Waited Outside Her Hotel For Months

“This dog would not take no for an answer.” Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook

A dog waited outside for months and his waiting paid off as he was adopted by a flight attendant who took to his liking. Read more.

8. Patient Pit Bull Waits In Line For Ice Cream Truck

Oh the patience. Via Leslie Yip/Rumble

This pup waited in line for ice cream. Read more.

7. Dog Goes Full-On Limp Noodle To Protest Leaving Park

This dog absolutely, positively was not ready to go home. Read more.

6. NFL Player Asks Animal Shelter For A Dog That’s ‘Not-So-Adoptable’

The happy family. Via BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook

Ronnie Stanley, offensive tackle for the Ravens, made a shelter dog very happy when he rescued her. Read more.

5. French Bulldog And Koi Fish Have Special Relationship


Daisy always looks for Frank. Read more.

4. New Technology Gives Dogs The Ability To ‘Talk’

Melody Jackson’s Border Collie, Sky, has learned how to use the vest to “talk” with her owner. Via CNN

The day just may come when you can have a meaningful conversation with your dog. Read more.

3. Dogs Raid Fridge And Now Owners Have No Ice

“Make it hail!” Via WonderWoofs/YouTube

Dogs sometimes do the darndest things. Read more.

2. Puppy Goes To Shelter And Chooses Kitten To Take Home

How often does a puppy get to go to a shelter to choose a kitten best friend? Read more.

1. Little Girl Teaches Dog Friend How To Do A Cartwheel, Sort Of

“Look, I can do it, too!” Via Jacqueline Sloan/Facebook

If you can do a cartwheel, so can I. Read more.

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