Top Dog Stories of 2010

See which stories attracted the most attention on during 2010.

Discover the most popular articles, best tips and hot topics that kept dog owners and pet lovers clicking for more on DogChannel in 2010.

  1. Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed
    Consider dog breeds that shed less and avoid hair-covered furniture.
  2. Raw Food Diet for Dogs
    The benefits and drawbacks of feeding your dog a raw diet.
  3. Use Pain Medication Carefully for Dogs
    Human medications often work for dogs, but dose carefully with your veterinarian’s help.
  4. When Dogs Eat Rat Poison
    Vomiting, followed by vitamin K is best treatment for dogs who eat rat poison.
  5. How to Become an Animal Control Officer
    Discover what skills and training are essential to master the duties of an animal control officer.
  6. Dog Spay Surgery, From Start to Finish
    What you need to know about this important procedure for female dogs.
  7. Frequent Urination
    A variety of conditions can cause frequent urination in dogs. Diagnostic lab tests reveal the truth.
  8. How Much Food Should Dogs Eat?
    Math and science come together to determine right answer for your dog.
  9. Dog Coughing or Wheezing
    The causes and treatments of a dog’s cough.
  10. Dog Sprayed With Skunk Odor
    What’s the best way to clean up a dog with skunk odor?
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