Top Causes For Veterinary Visits

Your rabbit could one day develop one of these common ailments that require a veterinary visit.

opening pages for article: Top Causes For Veterinary VisitsIt isn’t unusual for rabbits to see the inside of a veterinarian’s office. After all, wellness checks are an important part of proper rabbit care. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to visit the veterinarian for more than an annual checkup. Read on to find out what you can expect if your rabbit develops one of the top rabbit ailments veterinarians deal with on a regular basis.

GI Stasis
Gastrointestinal issues, according to many veterinarians, are one of the top reasons rabbits go to their veterinarian’s office for more than just a regular checkup.

The more serious GI issues relate to gastrointestinal stasis, also called ileus, a condition when the intestines slow down or stop moving.

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