Top Cat Products of the Year Picked by Cat Fancy

Cat Fancy and its product-testing kitten models tried the latest toys, trees, carriers and bowls and selected the best.

Check out the items Cat Fancy chose as the cat products of the year. And come meet our models! Orange tabby Jimmy; Lynx point Nina; dark-colored Joseph; brown tabby Kira; and kitten twins Jiffy and Skippy (Skippy’s the one with the black line on the nose. All of our feline models are from Irvine Animal Care Center. We had a great time interacting with these cuties, and they seemed to enjoy all of the attention we lavished on them.
PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratcher
$44.95. PetFusion;
This is a great scratcher – it’s sturdy, yet modern and stylish. My cat loves using it and, when she’s done scratching, she enjoys lounging in the cubby hole.
Be Forever Furless Brush
$19.95. Lilly Brush Co.;
This brush is so easy to use – it picked up cat hair from my sweater with just a few sweeps. And I love that it works on all kinds of fabrics – home upholstery, bedding, carpets, you name it!
Blanketed Pet Bed
$132.95 (small); $172.95 (medium). Plush Pet Company, 949-680-6435;
This bed is so soft and cozy, and my cat loves nesting in the built-in blanket. It’s her new favorite napping spot.
Blaze Cat Tree
$149.99. PetPals Group; 626-968-1516;
My cat loves this – she can sleep in it for hours. It’s really comfortable, and the multiple levels give him more napping spot options.
Petmate Dig & Burrow Bed
$49.99 to $74.99. Petmate, 877-738-6283;  
My cat loves burrowing around this bed until he finds the perfect napping spot. It’s also home décor-friendly – the subtle color and fabric look nice in my home.
Fairy Landing Scratching Post
$329. A Fantasy Forest, 407-327-1036;
This is just fabulous! Both a luxurious cat bed and sisal scratcher, it lets my cat scratch away, then climb up on the soft bed and curl up for a nap.
$11.99. GooFurr, Inc.;
What a great idea! This product turns your cat’s pills into a cream format that you can either give directly to your cat or put it on her fur so she’ll lick it off. It’s safe for her and stress-free for both of us.
Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate Mojo Maker Wands
$14.99 each. Petmate, 877-738-6283;
Wand toys designed by Jackson Galaxy! The retractable handles make them easy to store, and I love that there are two different designs – one mimics ground prey and the other mimics air prey. My cats love them both.

Kitty Holster Safety Vest
$29.99 (leash sold separately for $9.99). Crazy K Farm, 800-980-4165;
My cat enjoys the occasional stroll around the neighborhood, and this vest is perfect for that. It’s lightweight and comfortable, while being sturdy and secure.
KittyKaddy Double Diner and Torus Diner
$19 (KittyKaddy); $45 (Torus). Kitty Kaddy, 800-995-6327;
This is a great product for pet parents who have trouble bending over to pick up their cat’s dishes. They’re well built and allow seniors and those with mobility problems easily care for their pets. 
K&H Mod Capsule
$89.99. K&H Manufacturing, 877–738–5188;
This carrier is lightweight yet sturdy, and I really like the modern design. My cat seems to feel safe when she’s in it – even when we go to the vet. He even naps in it for a while when we get back home.
Motorola Scout 66  WiFi Pet Monitor
$99.99. Binatone North America;
I worry about my cats when I’m at work all day. This new pet monitor lets me keep an eye on them from my smartphone or computer.
MyMouse and SocKitty
$24.95 each. Go Cat Toys, LLC;
This toy is adorable and different. My cat loves the crinkly sound inside, and I enjoy watching her wrestle with it.
Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats
$4.99. Natural Balance Pet Foods, 800-829-4493;
These treats are great for cats who might have food allergies or sensitivities. I like that they’re made from high-quality ingredients and are free of artificial flavors or colors.
Neko Nappers Pet House and Sleeping Bag
$70 (pet house); $35 (sleeping bag). Nekochan Enterprises, 866-699-6356;
These are both so cute – and soft and comfy! My cat loves curling up in the house for some privacy, and my foster kittens enjoy burrowing around in the sleeping bag.
Ökocat Litters
$5.99 to $19.99. Healthy Pet, 800-242-2287;
These litters are available in four different formulas, and all of them work really well. They clump fast and provide odor control. And I like that they’re eco-friendly.
PetFusion Pet Food Mat in Premium Silicone
$15.95. PetFusion, phone;
I have two kittens who are still a bit sloppy when they eat. This mat really helps! The anti-slip bumps on the top and bottom keep the bowls from sliding around, and the raised upper lip helps prevent food and water from getting all over the floor.
Purrfecta 3 in 1 Scratcher
$89. Pet Tree Houses, LLC, 877-971-8733;
This scratcher is both attractive and sturdy. My cat loves the different scratching options.
Sherpa Safety Suite
$24.99. Quaker Pet Group, 973-625-5900;
This helps make car travel even safer for my cat. I like that it’s compatible with any soft-sided carrier.
SmartCat All-Natural Clumping Litter
$8.99 to $26.99 (depending on size). Pioneer Pet Products, LLC, 866-317-6278;
I like using eco-friendly products, so this is a great choice. It’s made from 100 percent grass and contains no chemicals or fragrance.
SuperCat Kitty Condo
$19.99 (starter kit); $9.99 (add-on hut); $4.99 (add-on tube). Quaker Pet Group, 973-625-5900;
This is affordable and easy to assemble. I like that you can reconfigure the condo to prevent boredom, and the add ons give you even more options.
Bateau Pet Fountain
$164. Thirsty Cat Fountains;
My cat loves drinking out of fountains, and this one is just beautiful. I really like the design – it’s stylish and modern.
Touch of Outdoors Litter
$14.99 to $18.99 (depending on size). Precious Cat, Inc., 877-311-2287;
This litter contains chemical-free prairie grasses and natural chlorophyll for odor control. And the natural texture and scent help enrich my indoor-only cat’s environment. It’s good for the planet and good for my cat!
Wall Mount Vertical Scratching Post
$55.99 to $84.99 (depending on size and type). Mountain Cat Trees, 888-873-0511;
This scratcher mounts to the wall, so it’s great for small living spaces. Not only does it save space, but my cat just loves it!
Zen Clipper
$19.95. Pet Product Innovations, LLC;
Trimming my cat’s claws always makes me nervous, but these clippers make the job easier. They feature a conical blade that only allows the tip of the nail to be cut, preventing any bleeding or injuries.

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