Top Bird Food Recipe: Kitchen Sink

A Bird Talk reader shares her birds favorite bird food recipe

Monica McCutcheon Clubb of Nevada said she owes her thanks to Lissa Donatello for introducing her to this recipe on the BirdBoard message board. She modified it for the smaller birds in her flock. This is her favorite bird food recipe because it can be modified to suit your bird’s favorite foods. “Many birds (although not all) take to this recipe due to the fact that it has a variety of colors and taste!,” McCutcheon Clubb said. “It has turned a many picky eaters into established devourers!”

Recipe Ingredients:

5 ounce 15 bean soup (without lima beans and spice packet)
1/4 cup cooked wild and/or brown rice
1/4 cup sprout mix (dry or sprouted)
3/4 cups frozen mixed vegetables
1 cup fresh mixed veggies

*optional 1/4 cup berries (frozen or fresh) 

Recipe Instructions: 

1. Cook beans as directed on bag (slow cook or fast cook method) and drain.
2. Chop, dice or shred fresh vegetables. You can serve whole if you wish.
3. Combine cooked beans, cooked rice, thawed mixed vegetables and fresh mixed vegetables in a bowl. Add the berries last minute before you serve it to bird to prevent food stainage.


McCutcheon Clubb stores this recipe in the freezer and thaws it before serving Kitchen Sink to her birds. She said this recipe is great because she can use whole-wheat pasta instead of cooked rice, and she can switch out the types of vegetables in each batch.

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