Top Bird Food Recipe: Feather Friend Smoothie

A Bird Talk reader shares her birds favorite bird food recipe

Robin Mari of Pennsylvania said this recipe is great because her picky sun conure loves it.

Recipe Ingredients:

1/2 cup orange juice, apple juice or grapefruit juice
2 Tablespoons all natural vanilla yogurt
4 large strawberries
1 small banana
2 applie slices

Recipe Instructions: 

1. Combine the fruit and yogurt in the blender.
2. Add juice until the mixture reaches preferred consistency (depending on how chunky you want it).
3. Pour into bowl or small cup and serve to your bird.


Mari said that the fruit can be substituted with any fresh vegetable that your bird enjoys.

Mari’s Congo African grey Gabby and sun conure Sammie fight over the glass and the Feathered Friend’s Smoothie ends up mostly on her. But her birds enjoy it and drink it up.  

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