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Top 5 Trending News Stories

These were the most viewed news articles during the second half of 2015.

Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens). Via Daniel Kruczynski/Flickr

Here is a list of the top 5 fish news stories that we covered on Some of the top five included new species developments, while another covered the now invasive lionfish on the East Coast, and yet another discussed the potential future of captive bred yellow tang. These 5 stories were all in the top 10 during the last half of 2015.

Video Shows Nassau Grouper Eating Live Lionfish

Grouper eats live lionfish
This Nassau grouper eats a live lionfish and its caught on camera.

This story is important because the lionfish, which was imported into the United States as an aquarium fish, has been introduced into the Atlantic Ocean and is now invasive in many warm water areas of the eastern United States down into the Caribbean. It has no known predators, but grouper are learning how to eat this tasty invasive species, as shown in this video. Read more.

Burglars Save Goldfish After Break-in Smashes Goldfish Bowl

thieves save goldfish
Thieves stole the family’s laptops and other stuff but rescued the goldfish after they broke its bowl during the break-in.

This British family’s home was broken into by criminals in November 2015. They stole valuable laptop computers and other valuable stuff, but during the break in, a goldfish bowl was shattered, but rather than let the goldfish die, the thieves put the fish into the sink, plugged it, and filled it with water. Good deed? Maybe, but how can a good deed be rewarded when the first act, the breaking into someone’s home, be the cause of the good deed? Read more.

Two New Cichlid Species Discovered in Peru

Apistogramma wolli
Two new cichlid species were discovered in Peru.

Cichlids are some of the most popular family of fishes in the hobby, and for researchers to discover not one but two new species is nothing short of remarkable. The fish are beautiful as well. It never ceases to amaze that the Earth is still full of undiscovered goodness. Read more.

Man Sends Wife on Vacation, Installs 1,300 Gallon Aquarium

1300 gallon fish tank
This bloke sent his wife on a vacation and then installed a 1,300 gallon reef tank in his home.

Come on honey, just one more aquarium and that will be it! Imagine if your spouse got you to agree to yet another aquarium and then even sent you on vacation while the fish tank was installed. Imagine that tank being 1,300 gallons?! Yup. It happened in England in October. Read more.

Captive Bred Yellow Tangs Up Close!

captive bred yellow tangs
Hawaii Pacific University has successfully captive bred yellow tangs.

Ok. This was the 7th most popular news item for the second half of 2015, but it may very well be the most important. Yellow tang are the most popular aquarium fish in the saltwater hobby and Hawaii Pacific University researchers have for the first time, bred these beautiful fish, start to finish, this year. While it is quite the achievement, it doesn’t mean that captive bred yellow tang will be widely available at your local fish store immediately. Far from it. The costs associated with this accomplishment has got to be high, but as the research is released, more folks will work to bring captive bred Zebrasoma flavescens will one day be available at your local fish store. Read more.

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