Top 5 Cat Hairball Questions Answered

See how to know whether your cat has hairballs and what to do about them.

Your cat is throwing up. She might have hairballs.

Your cat is hacking and heaving. He might have hairballs.

You just stepped in something damp and squishy that, upon closer inspection, is full of fur and spit and something intangible. Your cat has hairballs.

Still unsure? Check out these articles that will help you determine whether your coughing cat is suffering from this condition.

Are Hairballs Common?
Find out how common this condition is.

My Cat Coughs and Hacks. Does My Cat Have Hairballs?

An otherwise healthy cat that coughs ceaselessly might suffer from a hairball condition.

Does Hairball Medicine Work?
See how hairball medication works to heal your cat. And why butter isn’t the best idea as a home hairball remedy.

Are Hairballs to Blame for My Cat’s Vomiting and Constipation?

A chronically sick cat could be handling hairballs.

What If My Cat’s Hairball Medication Isn’t Working?
When a topical treatment for hairballs is ineffective, look to alternatives.

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