Top 25 BirdChannel Articles In 2012

Did you miss out on these top 25 articles that BirdChannel visitors read in 2012? Check them out today!

In 2012, BirdChannel visitors read these 25 articles. Check them out today!

1) Top 10 Pet Bird Names
Need a name for your pet bird, or want to know if your pet bird’s name makes the top 10? Check out this list of top 10 pet bird names, African grey parrot names, cockatiel names, conure names, macaw names, cockatoo names, lovebird names, Amazon parrot names and budgie names. More>>

2) Build An Outdoor Bird Aviary
Build a beautiful outdoor bird aviary for your pet birds, parrots, doves, finches, toucans, lories or canaries. More>>

3) Top 10 Cockatiel Questions Answered
Have a question about your pet cockatiel? Check our FAQ for answers! More>>

4) The Best Pet Birds For Kids
Teach your children the values of pet bird ownership before you get a parrot or other type of pet bird. More>>

5) Top 10 Pet African Grey Parrot Questions Answered
Have a question about your pet African grey parrot? Check the pet African grey parrot FAQ for answers! More>>

6) Bond With Your Budgie
Follow these steps to strengthen your relationship with your bird. More>>

7) Bird Diet & Health
What you need to know to keep your pet bird healthy, and how to spot the signs of illness. More>>

8) Try A Finch As A Pet Bird
As pet birds, finches such as zebra finches, society finches and Gouldian finches, offer more than pretty feathers. More>>

9) Ideal Temperature Ranges For Parrots
Know safe temperature ranges for your bird? environment. More>>

10) Top 10 Pet Conure Questions Answered
Have a question about your pet conure? Check the pet conure FAQ for answers. More>>

11) Plants For Your Bird Aviary
In an aviary keep potted plants out of beak reach. More>>

12) Male-Female Conure Behavior Differences
Find out the differences between male and female Aratinga and Pyrrhura conures. More>>

13) Training Young Pet Birds
Start training your parrot when she is young, and you’ll be rewarded for life. More>>

14) The Top 3 Singing Pet Birds
Watch out American Idol, these singers are just warming up. More>>

15) Tone Down Cockatiel Hormones
Hormones might be to blame for your cockatiel? bad behavior, so follow these tips to calm down your cockatiel. More>>

16) Keep Your Pet Birds Warm & Safe This Winter
Keep your pet birds safe from space heaters and other heating devices. More>>

17) Top 10 Pet Budgie/Parakeet Vet Questions & Answers
Have a vet question about your pet budgie/parakeet? Check out the top 10 budgie/parakeet vet answers. More>>

18) Why Do Parrots Pluck Their Feathers?
When a pet bird starts picking feathers, it can be a frustrating experience. Find out what parrots species are more prone to feather picking, and what ways you can help stop it. More>>

19) The Bird Egg: Inside & Out
Jump into the world of oology and unravel the mysterious bird eggs. More>>

20) Pet Bird Cage Questions
11 questions and answers pet bird owners commonly ask about pet bird cages. More>>

21) Top 10 Pet Cockatoo Parrot Questions Answered
Have a question about your pet cockatoo? Check the pet cockatoo parrot FAQ for answers! More>>

22) Bird Body Language 101
Discover what parrots know and what they are saying by learning their body language. More>>

23) Birds and the Law
Ignorance won? save you or your bird if you unknowingly break these animal-specific laws. More>>

24) Pet Bird Training Tips For Owners
Train your pet bird with these tips. More>>

25) Successfully Breeding African Grey Parrots
How can I get African grey parrots to breed? More>>

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