Top 20 News Articles In 2012

Check out the top 20 news articles on for the 2012 year.

1) Land O?akes Issues Sweeping Animal Food Recall
Food for animals that was manufactured by subsidiaries of Land O?akes have been recalled or added to the recall that began in early July; this affects food for small animals, birds, parrots, fish and many more. More>>

2) Moluccan Cockatoo, Lady, To Join Cee Lo Green on The Voice
Lady, a Moluccan cockatoo, will join judge and mentor, Cee Lo Green, on the popular competition show, The Voice. More>>

3) Life With Alex DVD Features Never-Before-Seen Footage Of The World-Renowned Parrot
This movie showcases the day-to-day life in the lab of Alex, the African grey that was part of Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s groundbreaking cognitive and communication research. More>>

4) Lafeber Recalls Bird Food Due To Moisture
Lafeber issued a voluntary recall of several products, citing improper storage methods of the grains used in the product. More>>

5) Some ZuPreem FruitBlend Bird Food Recalled
Two lots of ZuPreem’s FruitBlend has been recalled due to elevated calcium levels, according to Premium Nutritional Products Inc., the parent company of ZuPreem. More>>

6) Kaytee Recalls Baby Bird Formula
Kaytee recalls several lots of hand feeding formulas due to high levels of vitamin D. More>>

7) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes Protecting Four Macaw Species As Endangered
The USFWS is proposing listing four species of macaws ?the great green macaw or Buffon’s macaw, hyacinth macaw and military macaw and some populations of scarlet macaws ?under the endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). More>>

8) BIRD TALK Annual Magazine Hits Stands in 2013
The popular annual magazine, Birds USA, returns with a new title and renewed focus in 2013. More>>

9) New U.S. Quarter Features Puerto Rican Parrot
One of the quarters from the U.S. Mint’s American the Beautiful Quarters Program features a Puerto Rican parrot from the El Yunque National Forest. More>>

10) The Latest Bird Products From The 2012 Global Pet Expo
Check out the latest bird products from the Global Pet Expo, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on February 29 to March 2, 2012. More>>

11) Magnolia Recalls Selected Bird Foods Due to Salmonella Threat
Magnolia Bird Farm Inc. is recalling products due to potentially contaminated peanuts sold by a New Mexico processor. More>>

12) Sixth Kakapo Death In A Year Drops Population to 125
Members of the Kakapo Recovery Program in New Zealand discovered that Barnard, a kakapo that had fathered eight chicks over the years, had died. More>>

13) Thousands Arrested In Interpol Operation Targeting Illegal Trade In Birds
More than 32 countries participated in Operation Cage, which seized more than 8,700 animals, and arrested nearly 4,000 people. More>>

14) Quaker Parrots & The New Jersey Assembly Bill 3044
New Jersey Bill 3044 could make quaker parakeets in New Jersey protected and no longer considered as a potentially dangerous species to crops or native wildlife. More>>

15) African Grey Parrots In The Wild Endangered By Trafficking, Says World Parrot Trust
The World Parrot Trust calls for an end to the trade of wild African grey parrots in two countries, backing up its demand with a petition having more than 36,000 signatures. More>>

16) A&E Cage Co. Wins Award for Best New Product
The bird toys and java wood stands from New Jersey-based A&E Cage Co. won first place in the SuperZoo 2012 Best New Product Awards in Las Vegas. More>>

17) New Reserve Protects Nesting Area for Tucuman Parrot
The Tucuman Parrot Reserve will protect Podocarpus conifer trees, which Tucuman Amazon parrots use for nesting and feeding their chicks. More>> 

18) Researchers Study Rusty-faced Parrots
Colombia researchers track the movements of the rusty-faced parrot in the Colibri del Sol Bird Reserve to learn how the parrots make use of their habitat. More>>

19) Parrot? Vocal Ability Genes Decoded
With new technology, scientists are able to decode the region of the brain that gives parrots and songbirds the ability to learn how to imitate sounds. More>>

20) Parrot Paints For Conservation
Blu Lu, a blue-throated macaw, paints to raise fund for Bird Endowment, an organization that helps wild blue-throated macaws. More>>

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