Top 10 YouTube Cats

A decade into the video sharing service's success, we see which cats have won YouTube.

The Guardian has released a story from YouTube on the best of the best: the top cats of the top video platform. The paper asked which cats captivated internet audiences most during the past 10 years and the most-watched cat, Gato Numero Uno, is …

Maru! The box-loving cat from Japan with the super-round and pet-able face has drawn the most watchers, with 289 million views on the Maru YouTube channel. His half-million channel subscribers also help push his popularity upwards.


Next in line is, naturally, Grumpy Cat. You might think she’d eclipse Maru in hits but no. She does have a broader empire, with books, promotional partnerships and movie deals, however her lesser affinity for boxes has lost her the title of top cat. I think she’s probably fine/perturbed about it, as with everything in life.

Spots three, four, five and six feature some of our favorites. Simon’s Cat, Surprised Kitten, Bane Cat and Henri le Chat Noir represent in those rankings, respectively. Late cats Colonel Meow and Keyboard Cat nab ranks seven and nine, fictitious feline Nyan Cat takes number eight and early adopter Sparta Cat caps off the list at number 10.

Who is your favorite YouTube cat star?

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