Top 10 Ways We Psych Out Our Cats

Cats anticipate our next step when they see us pack a suitcase or walk into the kitchen.

Cats are creatures of routine. They like to know what’s going to happen, and when it’ll happen – and they remember everything. On top of that, they think all things are for them. Cats are a little self-absorbed, you know. I’m sure that comes as a complete shock to everyone reading this. Ha.

Even though our self-serving fluff-butts have great memories, they sometimes misinterpret our actions, assuming whatever we’re doing is for them. Sometimes it’s not all about the cat, but still they hope. Here are the top ways we psych out our cats.

10.  We sweep the kitchen

When we sweep the kitchen, we usually wind up with a little pile of all sorts of mystery tidbits: dust bunnies, toast crumbs, cat hair. Cats are, of course, right on top of what we’re doing, and assume the pile is for them. They want those mystery crumbs, and they want them now!  Psych!

9.  We pack a suitcase

Have you ever tried to pack a suitcase without a cat’s “help?” Me neither. As soon as we open the bag, kitty immediately jumps in, thinking we’ve just provided him with an awesome new fort. The thing is, even though we might let the cat sit in the bag for a little while, the bottom line is we have to fill the suitcase with clothing. Sorry, kitty – the bag is not exclusively for you. Psych!

8. We walk into the bathroom for a moment

Cats love accompanying us to the loo. When they see us heading in that direction, they’re all, “Yes! I can watch her sit on the toilet! Good times!” Then we grab a cotton ball and walk right back out, leaving the cat completely confused. Psych!

7. We sit down for just a moment

Kitties assume every time we plop on the sofa or a chair, we’re settling in for a potential kitty cuddle. Sometimes we need to park our butts for a moment to put on a pair of shoes or sign a birthday card. The cat excitedly tries to join us, thinking we’ll be sedentary for at least a couple of hours (sometimes we are, and that’s the best), but then we immediately stand up and walk away. Psych!

6.  We walk toward the bedroom

This particularly happens with cats who are accustomed to joining us for bed at a certain time of day. They have a strong internal clock, and if it’s anywhere near that magic hour, and we walk into the bedroom … here comes kitty! They’ll sometimes even run ahead of us and pounce on the bed. Then we retrieve our book and head back to the other room. Psych!

5. We walk toward the kitchen

Kitchen = food, and cats are totally certain any trip to that room means they’re getting fed. No always, kitty – sometimes we only want a cup of coffee. Psych!

4. We fold laundry

Much of the time (at least in my house), we leave laundry sitting in a basket for a little while. Our cats appreciate this, and we consciously allow the cat and laundry to merge for a little while. Then there are the occasions when we must immediately fold the clothes for one reason or another. The hopeful cat sees us walk into the room with the basket of warm laundry, walks over to the basket just in time to see us pull the items from the basket and begin folding them. Psych!

3. We open a bag of chips

Any crinkly bag is going to sound like cat treats. When we’re hungry for junk food and open a bag of Doritos, here comes the kitty parade! No Doritos for you! Psych!

2. We pour a bowl of cereal

Have you ever noticed the sound of pouring cereal into a bowl sounds very much like the sound of pouring dry cat food into a bowl? Cats notice this. Psych! And the No. 1 way we psych out our cats is … drumroll, please!

1. We pop open a can of human food

Many canned vegetables and soups now come with pop-tops. Most cans of cat food also come with pop-tops. Regardless of how excited he acts, kitty does not want the can of niblet corn. Psych!

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