Top 10 Ways People Act Like Cats

Author Angie Bailey loves her cats and sees several similarities to her own behavior — UPS truck anticipation, love of fresh sheets and staring, staring, staring.

I adore my three cats, and when I observe them, see bits and pieces of my own behavior. Not surprised. Here are the top 10 ways I’m like a cat.

10.  Love to see the UPS truck
Before the instant gratification of email communication, I was a letter writer. I was beyond thrilled when I found a letter addressed to me sitting in my mailbox. It was like a treasure, and sometimes I’d just hold it for a while, feeling the anticipation before carefully opening the sticker-covered envelope.

I don’t write many letters these days; however, I still experience a little of that excitement when I see the UPS truck pull in front of my house. It means I’ve ordered something new! It could also mean someone sent me a little something. Fun!

Cats understand my adoration of the big brown truck because when it brings goodies for me, it means boxes for them.

9. Stare, stare, stare
Cats are masters of staring, sometimes at nothing – at least nothing we can detect. Since I was very young, I’ve been one who easily zones out for no apparent reason. I like to think I’m deep in thought. I’m sure that’s the case with kitties, too.

8. Feeling jumpy
Some people enjoy the thrill of someone sneaking up behind them. I do not now, nor have I ever liked feeling startled. This is why I avoid haunted houses during the Halloween season. No thanks. Cats are also pretty jumpy and would certainly hate haunted houses.

7. Loving clean sheets
One of my favorite feelings is climbing into a bed that’s been freshly made with clean sheets. Kitties share this love, and often “help” me put the clean sheets on the bed. That is, after they’ve napped on top of the landry basket containing the sheets.

6. Eating others’ food

My cats like to play musical food-dishes, and think nothing of grabbing bites from other bowls. I think one of the best parts of going out to eat is picking food off my husband’s plate. He and I usually order different entrees, and I like to sample a little of everything. I ask before I grab. Usually.

5. Liking bags

I have several purses and bags, each for its own purpose – and some just hang around waiting for a purpose. You know who else fancies bags? My cats. They mostly like to hide and sleep inside them, though. And they’re usually made of paper.

4. Birdwatching

We have a couple of feeders outside our patio door, and I like to drink coffee and watch the variety of birdies swoop in for snacks. I don’t chirp at them like my cats do, but I do sometimes talk to them and pretend they understand me. “There’s that weirdo lady with the coffee again. Lets grab these sunflower seeds and take off before she starts in with the baby talk.”

3.  Lying on the floor
Sometimes my kids make fun of me because I enjoy lying on the floor. I get down to stretch, and then stay because it’s comfortable. Plus, if there are kitties nearby, I can join them for sunbathing.

2. Craving routine

I’ve always been a fan of routine. I feel comfortable with schedules because it feels safe to know what to expect during the day. I’m working on my flexibility, but I’ve never been a super spontaneous person. Cats love their routines, too. They start circling the kitchen about a half hour before mealtime, and they know when we’re supposed to be in bed. My cats become agitated if the schedule is interrupted in any way. I understand the agitation.

And the No. 1 way I’m like a cat is … drumroll, please!

1. Sleeping curled-up

My favorite way to sleep is on my side, in a fetal position, curled up tightly. My position reminds me of a kitty curl-up. My Phoebe looks like a cinnamon roll when she sleeps like that. Maybe I look like a giant cinnamon roll. Probably not.

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